For Googler only!

親愛的 Googler

   首先感謝您這次參與 Google holiday giving campaign!

   因為收到捐贈名單並且捐款尚未收到, 所以很遺憾通知各位


   希望各位繼續支持 今年年底的  Google holiday giving campaign!

   讓善心永不間斷喔!   (比愛心)

Dear Googler.

First off, thank you for participating in the Google holiday giving campaign event and donate to us!

Since we received the donation list late as well as the money has not arrived, I am sorry to inform you that your donation will be moved over to next year (2022) to donate New Year dishes to the children.

In addition, we hope you could continue to support our 2021 event by the end of this year, Google holiday giving campaign and donate to us!

Let kindness never stop! (Love you)

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